About Us

James V Davis

James V. Davis grew up in the East Texas town of Winnsboro. He learned farm life and how to be an all around farm hand working for, and with his father, Joe Jack Davis, and grandfather, Vollie Davis. He has experience in all phases of the dairy industry, to include growing out heifers, growing pasture, and hay production, running an actual dairy, and milking the cows. Along the way, James has acquired expertise in farm equipment to include: maintenance, and repair of tractors, and most kinds of farm implements that are utilized in dairy and ranching endeavors. To say that James is an exceptional farm mechanic, would not be an overstatement.

While still at home, James learned the art of fine country cooking from his Mother, Maurine Davis, and is constantly adding to his culinary skills. If you don’t believe it, just ask someone that has eaten at the Davis’ table.

James attended Texas A & M University and majored in Biomedical Science for a Bachelor of Science degree. Subsequent to that, he attained a Master of Science in Beef Cattle Nutrition. While persuing his college degrees, he worked as a construction laborer to gain some foundational skills with regards to residential and commercial type building.

Upon completion of his college career, James went to work for Texas A & M Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Overton, Texas in the Beef Cattle Nutrition project. While working at the Research Center, James met Jolene, was subsequently married, and they were blessed with five beautiful children, four of whom still live in the East Texas area. Later, he worked in the Forages research area and also Soils. Along the way, James was awarded the top Research Support Person in the entire A & M system statewide, among several other distinguished awards. James acquired many skills and enjoyed his time at Texas A & M, but ultimately retired in order to begin a construction business of his own, called Shoreline Building Concepts.

James enjoys building and constructing things, and putting his entire being into making what he builds “The Best”. It must be 100% quality and outstanding in comparison, or James is not happy with the result.

James’ favorite hobby is growing a garden, to include every single vegetable & fruit that is eaten (well, almost), and favored by East Texans and Southerners too. Second only to growing that food, he enjoys preparing, cooking and serving it to his family and friends. Come on by the house sometime, and he might just serve you up some purple hull peas, along with the absolute best corn bread ever, made from his garden corn, dried and hand ground into corn meal.