Retaining Walls

Shoreline Building Concepts, located in, and serving the Tyler-Longview Texas area, can help you with all your retaining wall needs.

If you have a cracked or damaged retaining wall, or an erosion problem that needs to be addressed, we can help you with either repair, or replacement of the one in place, or construction of a retaining wall that will solve the erosion problem. We can build retaining walls made from crosstie, keystone block, concrete, bag, vinyl, or whatever material is best suited for your particular application.

Do you have an area in your yard that is just plain not useable due to the incline or grade? You may want to consider a retaining wall or terracing to bring that area to a place that will add to the overall beauty of your landscaped yard. Maintaining structural integrity and erosion control are not the only reasons to consider adding a retaining wall. Adding a retaining wall can provide dimension and depth to your landscaping. It could turn your nicely maintained yard into an incredibly beautiful and unique grounds that will be admired all who see it, and spend time there.

We can also help with seawalls, bulkheads and other structures in the marine environment.

If you are ready to make your idea come to life, give us a call. We will work with you to get your idea on paper. We can offer the expertise to help you make decisions regarding materials, and the fine details of your specific job. Ultimately, we can build that structure to your complete satisfaction.

On site viewing, and written quotations as per your specifications are always provided free of charge. Our only request to you, the customer, is that when you obtain competitive quotes, make certain you are comparing apples to apples, because a cost estimate can vary greatly depending on the quality of material being used and also, the way the structure is built. At Shoreline Building, we are not willing to compromise quality, just to obtain a bid. We understand that some years down the road, when our structure is still in place and doing the job for you, we will have provided the superior quality service that we promised.

Below are photographs of actual retaining walls that we have built. Click on any one to see a larger version. Then you can scroll forward, or back utilizing the arrows on the photograph.